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Certain equipment and supplies are worth purchasing because they will be used frequently in different science activities. Substitutes for some supplies can be found around the house. Keep your eyes open for things that could serve multiple purposes. For example, the small plastic and glass baby food containers can serve many purposes. At a minimum, the following materials would be valuable to have on hand:
One or more magnifying devises (e.g. microscope, dissecting scope, field microscope, magnifying glass);
Balance and/or spring scale;
Graduated cylinder and/or measuring cups;
Metric ruler, yardstick and/or measuring tape;
Microscope slides & cover slips;
Petri dishes;
Test tubes

Wards science supply company is a good source of equipment & supplies.

A virtual tour of the trees on the campus of San Diego State University may be found online.  A map of the campus and directions for the use of provided dichotomous keys are included.

A garden is an ideal place to observe and study nature.  The following site includes ideas for planning various theme gardens.

Note, also, additional external links in the sidebar that may be of value as you explore the world of science.

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