Planet earth, unlike any other planet in our solar system, teams with life. Millions of species inhabit the continents of our world. But, increasingly more species are becoming endangered. Throughout the ages, many species have become extinct -- from dinosaurs to wooly mammoths. In the natural order of things, other species soon took their place. The difference today is the rate of extinction. Today's rate is ten to one hundred-fold greater. The threats to the plants and animal species of the world are many. Habitat loss, hunting, and the effects of domestic species are just a few examples of the negative impact which the human population has had on wild populations. Stewardship of God’s creation is at stake. 

Should we care?  Consider these questions: 

(1) What does the number of extinctions say about the quality of the environment in which we live? 

(2) What role does an endangered species play in the chain of life even though it may appear to be insignificant at first glance? 

(3) What do these trends ultimately mean for the human population?

(4) Are we being good caretakers of God's creation

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