River Walk

The days had been sunny and warm, but not this day as we set off to walk the trail beside the San Diego River. The day was blustery with billows of gray-tinted clouds filling the sky. Only occasionally did the sun peak through to brighten the scene. The wind brought a distinct chill to the air, causing one to pull the jacket closer for warmth. The birds were staying hidden in the trees and shrubs along the river, more than likely to find shelter from the wind. But, they made their presence know as they sang or called from their hidden perches. The path led us beside and through the riparian vegetation.

Though the day was dreary and cool, the scene was brightened by the Willows clothed in soft yellow blossoms. And these were not alone. A variety of spring flowers bloomed by the side of the trail: Wild Radish & Cucumber, Flowering Tobacco, Queen Anne's Lace, and the cheery sight of many California Bush Sunflowers.

The trail led onward along the river. At times the river widened into large pools of reflective water -- a place for the birds that made their home there to search for food in the still water. Soon the river narrowed and flowed over the obstacles in its path, creating the gentle sound of a small stream. At times, drops of light rain could be felt as we walked along.

The river and the path beside it are a kind of parable for the journey of life. At times, all is calm like the quiet pools -- providing a time of needed rest. But, the river must move onward to its destination, often encountering obstacles in the way. On the path, rain may fall -- heavy or light -- and the cold winds may blow, causing one to seek shelter and warmth.. Yet, whatever is put before us, we know that we have a God who cares and can make music along the way -- like the sound of a stream or the singing of birds.

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