Lake Visit

On approach to the lakes, there was a somberness about the scene as everything seemed wrapped in the grayness of the day.  There was a quietness that was unusual even though the day was drawing to a close. But, the stillness was broken by the “sweet, sweet, o-so-sweet” song of a Yellow Warbler making its presence known, though hidden in a tree by the lakeshore.

A dirt path, located slightly above one of the lakes, led onward.  One could catch glimpses through the reeds growing on the lakeshore of terns flying over the water.  Not just one, but a whole group soared in interwoven aerial patterns, calling as they interacted with one another.  A couple of trees added a peacefulness to the scene. The willow tree’s hanging branches reaching toward the lake water was a touch of grace.

Few people were about,, except for an occasional fisherman casting the line in hopes of a catch or sitting quietly waiting for that telltale pull on the line.  Likewise, a Great Egret stood motionless at the edge of the lake awaiting a fish to come within striking distance of its long yellow bill.  In a moment, it moved further on the shoreline to try another spot.

At first the place had seemed devoid of many birds.  But with time and the intent to listen, the presence of many was revealed:
The chatter of a Hooded Oriole hidden in the thatch of a palm tree,
The raucous calls of grackels,
The bouncing song of a California Towhee
The sharp call of a Black Phoebe as it flew out and back from its perch for an insect,
The “whitchity” call of a Common Yellowthroat hidden in the reeds,
The familiar calls of Cliff Swallows as they swooped around, almost unnoticed against the gray skies.  Earlier in the Spring, they had been busy collecting bits of mud on the lakeshore with which to build their nests.

Another lake view was one of lushness and peace.  The grassy slope came down to the very edge of the lake, kissing the large boulders scattered there.  It was a time to notice the subtleties of color all around.  The lake waters reflected the grayness of the sky, the shades being many.  As a gentle breeze caressed the surface, one could see a rippling of color.  The sycamore trees and cottonwoods added their summer green to the mix.  

And beside the lake, there was a blooming Tipuana tree that brought its own touch of sunshine with its bright yellow blossoms.  One can surely find sunshine in all of life if you look.  With that thought, it was time to go home.

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